Zheng Lai

A business analyst with a passion for writing modular code


Designed and implemented by me.

React Multi-step Form Library

A React library for developers to easily create interactive multi-step forms using declarative code. Form inputs are displayed on separate "pages" and input values are automatically made available for form validation and submission through custom hooks.

Example App using React Multi-step Form Library


  • React
  • HTML5
  • CSS3
Declarative Configuration

Created reusable input components using custom hooks and the compound components pattern to allow the user to configure the form declaratively.

HTML5 Form Validation

Aligned input validation with the HTML5 standard through the Constraint Validation API. Validation logic and error messages can also be customized.

Optimized Animations

Optimized page transition animations (60 FPS) for a smooth interactive experience by avoiding reflow and creating a custom hook to generate scaling animations for each page.

Form State Management

Optimized form state management using techniques such as state colocation and logically separated contexts which minimize the number of unnecessary renders.

Accessible Keyboard Events

Implemented keyboard event handling to allow for seamless and accessible navigation through all inputs and form pages.

Responsive Design

Designed form components to be responsive and adjust automatically to fit any viewport size.

Lesson Learned

The more a component inverts control, the more flexible it becomes. Moreover, in order to build a truly robust and reusable library, one has to focus on solving a single problem and solving it well.

Portfolio Website

A single-page website for potential employers to glance over my best projects and my background.



  • Gulp
  • PostCSS
  • Webpack
  • ES6
Automated Workflow

Automated workflow by using Gulp to execute tasks on file change while enabling cross browser and mobile testing.

Scalable Modular CSS Architecture

Created a modular and scalable CSS architecture using PostCSS, BEM Methodology, and semantic classes.

Modern Modular JavaScript

Utilized modern, modular JavaScript (ES6) features, with Webpack and Babel loader for bundling and transpiling.

Mobile-first Design

Optimized assets, prioritized content and made images responsive for a mobile-first design.

Mobile Design of Portfolio Website


My background and experience.

A handshake surrounded by a target, a checklist, chat bubbles, an open envelope and a globe

Customer Service

2 Years

Through developing various customer service solutions, I have gained an aptitude for using technology to maximize process efficiency and improve customer satisfaction. I have experience with designing and implementing end-to-end solutions using Oracle software such as Service Cloud, Customer Portal, Knowledge Advanced, and Integration Cloud.

Data charts under a magnifying glass

Data Analytics

4 Years

As a business analyst, I am driven by data analysis when recommending business solutions. Moreover, I have developed expertise in implementing data pipelines which collect, transform and visualize data to reveal actionable insights.

A brain within a glowing light bulb

Continuous Learning


I have taught myself many skills including video editing and Fingerstyle guitar. As an avid learner, I am constantly looking for ways to express my creativity. As a result, I could not help but fall in love with the art of creating solutions to problems through programming.